News and media materials that we produce include:

Press releases: We issue press releases to announce news and events, to provide updates on our work, and to share our views and perspectives on issues related to climate change and human rights. These press releases are distributed to journalists, media outlets, and other stakeholders, and are intended to generate media coverage and to raise awareness of our work.
Reports and publications: We produce a range of reports and publications that provide information and analysis on climate change and human rights issues. These materials include research reports, policy briefs, and other materials that are designed to provide in-depth analysis and to inform policy and practice.
Newsletters: We publish newsletters on a regular basis to provide updates on our work and to highlight news and events related to climate change and human rights. These newsletters are distributed to our stakeholders and are available on our website.
Social media: We use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share news and updates, to engage with stakeholders, and to amplify our messages and our impact. These platforms provide opportunities to reach a wide audience and to engage with stakeholders in a timely and interactive manner