Environmental impact assessments (EIAs)

Environmental impact assessments (EIAs) are a key tool for identifying and mitigating the potential impacts of development projects on the environment and on marginalized communities. These assessments are typically required by law for large-scale development projects, and are intended to provide information about the potential impacts of the project, and to identify measures that can be taken to minimize or prevent harm to the environment and to communities.

At the Earth and Rights Initiative, we believe that EIAs are an important tool for advancing climate justice and human rights. We support marginalized communities in Uganda who are facing development projects that may have negative impacts on their rights and the environment, and we provide legal and advocacy support to help them participate in the EIA process and to assert their rights.

We also engage with policymakers and other stakeholders to promote the use of EIAs, and to ensure that they are conducted in a manner that is transparent, inclusive, and effective. This includes advocating for stronger EIA laws and regulations, and for better implementation and enforcement of these laws.

Overall, our work on EIAs is an important part of our efforts to support marginalized communities in Uganda to defend their rights and protect the environment. By promoting the use of EIAs, and by providing legal and advocacy support to communities, we aim to create a more just and sustainable future for all.